NVT Magazine, the Tile

The NVT magazine De Tegel appears on the NVT website as a series of separate articles that can be read on any internet device and downloaded if desired. Members are made aware of newly published articles via the newsletter and social media

Editorial members

The editorial staff of De Tegel consists of the following persons:

Chief editor

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Editor, proofreader

Sylvester van Welij


Eric Roosenbaum


NVT Magazine de Tegel is fortunate to have a number of loyal correspondents:

  • Paul van der Hijden: column
  • Else Geraets: travel reports
  • Hans Geleijnse
  • John Hoffman

Member Contributions

All members are invited to contribute, interesting bits, fun information or if you have a good idea for an article please contact magazine@nvtbangkok.org

The editors reserve the right to refuse or shorten articles. Articles express the opinion and are the responsibility of the author. Neither the NVT nor the editors of NVT de Tegel take any responsibility for the content of individual articles.

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